Re: Photo: Heavy Duty Milwaukee Road Flat Car 601051

Doug Polinder

Tony, couple of possibilities.  The yard in Vancouver is not identified.  Walter Frost took pictures in various yards belonging to CN, CP, and GN.  If this is a CP yard, the load could have traveled via Milwaukee to Seattle and then via their own rail-barge to Bellingham, thence to Sumas WA/Huntingdon BC for interchange with the CP.  Or it could have traveled to Seattle and been barged directly to Vancouver for interchange with CP, CN, or PGE.  If a GN yard, then GN may have picked it up in St. Paul and taken it all the way to Vancouver on GN rails (the Hill Lines generally forced the Milwaukee to interchange in St. Paul).

There are lots of pulp mills in Prince George, so a good possibility this was going via PGE through North Vancouver.

Doug Polinder
Poquoson VA

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