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Douglas Harding

Benny I’m in HO with about 450 cars on the layout. I have settled on the Intermountain metal wheel sets as my standard. They come with metal axles with needle point ends. While many use Kadee, I have replaced all my Kadee wheelsets because they have plastic axles and don’t roll near as nice as the Intermountains. The same with the PK2 from Lifelike/Walthers. Many also like the Rebox wheelsets because of the multiple choices in axle length, which had the metal axle with needle point ends, but they appear to no longer be available.


As for price: you can get the Intermountain in bulk packs containing a 100 wheelsets. Retail is $99, but I often find them for $79-$84 at train shows. Yes a chunk of money when changing out a whole fleet. But if the end it has been worth it.


Doug  Harding


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Hello Group,
      I would like to replace most if not all of my plastic wheels , and change out for metal. For starters I have over 100 hoppers. That is 400 wheels. Would like to hear recommendations of what other members have done. Thanks,Barry 

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