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I have good photocopies of Extra 2200 South Issues 51 and 52, and can scan the pages with the plans for whatever phases you need. I cannot guarantee they will be in perfect scale, but you should be able to tweak them based on known dimensions. Please tell me exactly which plans or pages you need and I will try to get them done tomorrow.

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Garth Groff

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Thanks Nelson.  Yup I will.  I’m doing these as a 1.6 scale kit so I’m researching and picking the most popular phase to do first.  I really need a copy of the 2200 extra south that has all the phases.



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Be sure to check the phase for your model. For example, the phase 1 builds bought by the CB&Q did not have the radiator grills. What I’m saying is that this drawing may not be correct for the prototype you wish to model.


Nelson Moyer


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Here ya go... Hope this helps, -Eric

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