Re: Trouble shooting a freight car

Charles Peck

I would suggest removing the trucks and threading the screws back into the holes. Examine to see if the screws are in square to the bolster.  It is possible that a screw has been installed crooked.
Chuck Peck

On Tue, Aug 6, 2019 at 5:52 AM Paul Doggett via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Remove the trucks and sight along the under frame the make sure the mounting points are square, if they are not you may have to remove the under frame and make it true of failing that a thin shim in the truck mount/mounts just enough to square them up. 

Paul Doggett.  England 

On 6 Aug 2019, at 10:41, Scott H. Haycock <shhaycock@...> wrote:

Hi Jared and Alex,

Not to start a argument, But I think it's far more likely that the underframe isn't mounted correctly, or that there may be flash from the molding process.

I, personally have never seen an aftermarket brand of replacement trucks fail. I will admit to a limited- sized roster, (75 cars, or so) to base my assessment on. 

Scott Haycock
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On August 5, 2019 at 9:11 PM Alexander Schneider Jr <aschneiderjr@...> wrote:

Jared, I suggest you remove the trucks from the underbody and try them under another car. If it also lists the problem is the trucks. If it does not the problem is the underbody.


My guess is that Rapido will exchange the trucks, but may not have another car to give you.


Alex Schneider


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Trouble shooting a freight car


At the Collinsville RPM meet I "won" a Rapido NP Pre-War USRA DS box car.  It is a beautiful model except for one thing, it lists to one side.  I am not so great at troubleshooting freight car problems.  Do any of you have a suggestion as to how I should correct this list.?


Jared Harper

Athens, GA




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