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C J Wyatt

I think most of the LCL was gone by the end of the 1960s. I started at N&W in 1974 and I do not recall any mention of LCL services.

Also remember, freight forwarders took over some of the business.

Jack Wyatt

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, 11:10:15 AM EDT, Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...> wrote:

Nobody has yet to cite a definite end point, so I'll propose 1980, when the Staggers Act allowed the railroads to cancel non-remunerative tariffs without public comment.

But, what aspect of LCL service are we talking about? The traditional operation, where the local freight had an LCL car that delivered to each station as it worked down the line, died with the end of WWII. Highways had improved over the course of the Great Depression due to numerous gov't funded public works projects, and lots of returning GI's used their GI Bill benefits to buy a truck. The ICC had no problem with the railroads contracting with local truckers to provide that "last mile" service to outlying locations, and LCL contracted to just switching scheduled cars to freight houses at major terminals. That part of the business doesn't look any different than any other industrial switching.

I recall reading an article in The SOO, the magazine of the Soo Line Historical & Technical Society, a while back, written by the gentleman who had been the Division Superintendent out in North Dakota during the sixties. Shipping choices out in that remote territory were limited, and LCL was still a viable option. The final delivery was by local trucker, who felt he could get better equipment utilization if he had more volume to pick up while making deliveries, so convinced the railroad to institute scheduled cars from Enderlin, ND to several points east. As I recall, the comment was the volume was building until the Penn Central merger in 1968, after which the eastern connections became "unreliable." The scheduled service was dropped within a year.

Dennis Storzek

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