Re: Metal Wheels

Dennis Storzek

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 07:19 AM, Alexander Schneider Jr wrote:
It should be noted that NMRA RP 24.3, "Axles", specifies only the MAXIMUM length, which is 1.035".
This is true, and I am aware of it. The problem with how the NMRA Standards and R.P.s are written is while they typically give limits, they give absolutely no guidance as to what the preferred length might be. With no guidance and little or no experience in the hobby, the mold designer will typically pick a value close to the specified limit, only allowing a reasonable manufacturing tolerance so as to ensure they don't exceed the limit... such as 1.032 +/- .002" should keep us safe. That totally misses the point that if .990" would have been a better length, then the axles should have been .990.

It's a shame that the gentleman who wants to re-wheel the Bowser cars didn't look into it a couple of years ago, because NWSL used to be able to provide custom length axles for a reasonable extra set-up charge. Now that NWSL is closing, that source is gone.

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