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Dennis Storzek

On Wed, Aug 7, 2019 at 07:19 AM, Alexander Schneider Jr wrote:
...between the two Accurail designs of 1.010" and 1.025” would be a good “preferred” value. Lifelike seems to be the dominant replacement wheel at 1.015”.
I should correct one misconception that has crept in here... the Accurail truck tool was initially designed to accommodate our molded plastic wheels, and required metal replacement wheels with axles no longer than 1.005". As revised, it will accommodate axles up to 1.015".

I don't doubt that Doc Denny has found an Accurail truck that will accept an axle 1.025' long, but it's an outlier. All three Accurail trucks use the exact same inner mechanics to form the bearing cones, and I mean EXACTLY the same parts; only the side actions that have the sideframe detail are changed out. That's not to say that the varying thickness of the sideframes doesn't cause slightly different shrinkage, and polyacetal is a high shrink polymer, but those differences are going to get lost in the gradual change of the cavity dimensions as the movable parts that form the cones wear between maintenance cycles. If we have a crash (it happens) that damages one of those sliding parts (called lifters in the injection molding trade, although the name is a misnomer) replacing one will change the dimensions of that axle spot only, until the tool is completely re-worked during periodic maintenance.

Dennis Storzek
Accurail, Inc.

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