Re: Trouble shooting a freight car

Bruce A. Metcalf <brmetcalf@...>

On 8/5/19 10:15 PM, Jared Harper wrote:

At the Collinsville RPM meet I "won" a Rapido NP Pre-War USRA DS box car.  It is a beautiful model except for one thing, it lists to one side.  I am not so great at troubleshooting freight car problems.  Do any of you have a suggestion as to how I should correct this list.?
In my experience, this is usually caused by the weight being tilted up against one side of the car instead of on the floor.

Second place I'd look would be the body not sitting level on the floor.

I suppose both trucks could be mashed, but that seems unlikely.

Or you could just send it to me and get rid of your problem that way! <G>

/ Bruce /

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