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Before trucks took over LCL, it was common for the combine on a branch line to have the mail, LCL, and Express in the same car. It was also common to have an old reefer or box in front of the combine to carry the LCL. On occasion there would be a LCL stock car to pick up or deliver livestock LCL on a branch. Later most live stock was crated and carried in the express car.



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Hi Steve,

From my experience Railway Express had their own offices & storage buildings in even smaller towns (but not really tiny places), always shipped on passenger trains, usually in railroad-owned "express cars" with their name often stenciled on the side, and had their own trucks for local delivery.  It was definitely a premium service & was a big operation at one time.  There were other express companies including Wells Fargo that operated in a similar way, but only one would typically have the contract with any given railroad.  I think I remember hearing that the New York Central had their own express company?  Others here can probably add more & correct my mistakes.


PS - I remember when I was a kid the local passenger train stopping in Rocky Ford, Colorado, for up to a half hour during cantaloupe season while they loaded 3 express cars full of crates of cantaloupes headed for Denver & who-knows-where-else.

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