Re: Rib Side Cars

anthony wagner

Brian, I can not supply a photo but according to my 1-1-50 ORER the only all steel 50'6" IL MILW box cars  with 15' side doors and full end doors were in number series 15500-15749. There were 249 cars in that series still in service at that time. If your decal sheet says BLT 47 those cars would have existed on 1-1-50.  MILW had other series of 50' steel cars with full end doors but they all had 12' side doors which is not what you have. The ORER only gives dimensions of the cars listed and no information about appearance. Hope this helps, Tony Wagner

On Friday, August 9, 2019, 4:27:10 PM CDT, BRIAN PAUL EHNI <bpehni@...> wrote:

I’ve just put together kit # 5351, a 50’ car with shorts ribs, 15’ doors, and large ends doors. I cannot find a photo of this car either on my computer or online. What’s an appropriate number, given the blt date on the supplied decals is 2-47 and reweigh is 5-51?




Brian Ehni


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