Re: Railway express agency (was LCL)

Charles Peck

REA was owned by the railroads.  The Interstate Commerce Commission had rules about carriers competing against themselves and regulated other carriers as well.  Although they did at times make exceptions on a case by case basis, generally they watched out for anti-competitive situations. 
A barge line could not own a railroad and vice versa.  This largely kept the railroads out of the interstate trucking business. In many places they were allowed to do local delivery but even this was often done on a contract basis.
The rules were lawyer-complex but this is the best understanding I have of it.
Chuck Peck

On Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 12:54 PM Lee Thwaits <leeoldsa@...> wrote:
Was  REA legally tied to the railroads?  I always wondered why it didn't
become a trucking competitor to UPS.
Lee Thwaits

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