Re: PRR container DD1A color

Chuck Cover

Sorry Lester.  FCC does mean Freight Car Color.  I model 1955-57 and was using Floquil Zinc Chromate primer for 1950s FCC.  Since Floquil is unavailable, unless you have a stash, I am now using ACE (ACE hardware rattle spray can) Red oxide primer for FCC applied over a flat black primer.  I have attached a photo of three freight cars all painted using the ACE red oxide primer.  The gondola in the middle is not weathered, the ones on each side have been weathered using washes of artists acrylic paints.


Chuck Cover

Santa Fe, NM


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Chuck I Model late  spring 1955 allowing for apple trees to blossom in MN.  And,   FCC = Freight Car Color .  If not please educate me as to meaning.
Lester Breuer

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