Re: SAL auto car, running board height, and slack adjuster?

Ed Hawkins

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I'm building a Sunshine kit#55, SAL round roof auto car. I am wondering if the cars used a slack adjuster. And also, what was the height to the running boards. I'm using Accurail trucks with .88 wheels and the flanges hit the cross ties. I'm going to use RCW scale coupler boxes too, so need a reference point.

Aaron Gjermundson 

Seaboard’s turtle-back roof auto cars measured 14’-6 1/2” from rail to top of the Apex (11000-11999) or Blaw-Knox (22000-22199) running boards, and they were not equipped with brake regulators.

In the event this matters for your models, the earliest AF-1 cars 11000-11699 built in 1940 had two 3” Z stringers between the bolsters (one each side of the center sill), whereas the AF-2 cars 11700-11999 & 22000-22199 built in 1942 had four 3” Z stringers between the bolsters (two each side). Pressed diagonal braces, 4 per car, supported the floor between the bolsters and end sills. 
Ed Hawkins

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