Re: SAL auto car, running board height, and slack adjuster?

Ed Hawkins

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I am building one from the first group of double door cars. It says the roofs were sometimes sealed with black car cement. Would this have included the running boards?

All I have to go by are original paint specs. The AF-1 cars 11000-11699 eceived metallic brown for the entire car including doors, underframe & trucks. Stencils were white as these cars predated the use of the heart having a fire-plug red background.

Modeling a repainted car is another matter, and based on photos the roof and/or running boards could be either black or metallic brown. A photo of Seaboard 22081 with reweigh & repack stencils 5-51 clearly has a black roof, probably car cement. Photos I have of other repainted cars tend to show metallic brown roofs. Repaints after 1944 would have the fire-plug red background. 

A 6-52 repaint of B-7 19001 turtle-back roof box car also shows a black roof, so it’s my conjecture that Seaboard turtle-back roof box & auto cars received black roofs for a relatively short period around the early 1950s.

Wheres, the Seaboard Color Guide book shows 11248 with Silver Meteor slogan, likely repainted Jacksonville 7-59 with metallic brown roof. 

I defer to Seaboard modelers who might have railroad paint/stencil drawings that denote dated revisions when different paint colors were applied to the roofs of these cars and if the running boards received the same colors when repainted.

Ed Hawkins

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