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Greg Martin


If you are an oil based non-acrylic type paint modeler like me there are some more recent post Floquil era offerings.

  1. Mr. Hobby~Mr. Color #7 Brown. Great for the transition era molder post '45 until pre-'61. It is a bit darker and redder than Floquil Zinc Chromate. Excellent choice.
  2. TESTORS 1/4 oz bottles Flat Grapefruit. This is the traditional PRR FCC that most guy go goo-goo over. It is more representative of the Red Caboose color, not my favorite but an excellent choice. So post 1929 thru 1945 (or later if not repainted) 
  3. Best Stand By TESTORS Rust in the 1/4 oz bottles but the color needs tweaked while shadowing with my techniques. Great basic Freight car Red.  
Let's not look at a bottle and get a brain freeze ... Look at the color and use the force, Lester.

For you Acrylic guys, I can't help you as I hate the stuff.

Greg Martin 

Why Yes I have done some modeling...

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I am about to move a resin Funaro & Camerlengo container Flat Car kit 8120 to the paint shop.  The instructions for the car body state Scalecoat PRR Freight Red, a  red moving toward maroon, to my eyes when viewing paint chips.   I am guessing containers, DD1A, the same color.  Is this correct?

Lester Breuer

Hey Boss,

Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

Greg Martin 

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