Re: 2018 Chicagoland MiniKit

Gary Roe

Thanks for the info Jake!

That may be a good solution.

I will pass along the dimensions of the Grandt turnbuckles if and when I can secure some.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 12:38:30 PM CDT, Jake Schaible <jjschaible@...> wrote:

I too have one of these N scale kits on my project list - with a promise to Mike Skibbe to photo journal a how to.  This same riddle - along with the recent purchase of a new paint booth waiting to be built and installed - has delayed my start.  But recently I've worked out that Fine-n-scale sells a brass etching MIGHT be a solution to the truss rods and turn buckles.  

The pre bent FNR-2014 rods seem to be about 0.75" between the queen posts, and 1.6" total to the points of attachment on the ends.  But the FGEX car has different geometry - smaller - just 0.575"  between the queen posts (outside to outside) and just 1.4" total between the cross member where the ends attach.  My plan is to TRY use such ... at least for the center turn buckle detail between the queen points and try to either re bend it to fit the FGEX geometry, or slice them.  



Never tried the Grantline HOn3 turnbuckles, which are actually HO scale for narrow gauge.  Would be interested to know their dimensions.  

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