Re: Tichy tank car

Tony Thompson

Dave Parker wrote:

And indeed some car buyers (Texcao most notably) insisted on larger, sometimes much larger, domes.  The reason was that depending on the commodity, and the loading temperature, 2% was an insufficient expansion volume, and extra headspace had to be provided by not filling the tank to 100% of capacity. 

     This seems an odd story. The MCB report which was the basis for the 2 percent rule had accepted input from many shippers of all kinds, to create a "safe" volume. Perhaps Texaco wasn't shipping high-expansion products before 1917.

Each car design had an outage table to allow shippers to "conveniently"  determine the correct fill level.  

      The widely-used convention was to fill a car "shell full," which meant, just to the very top of the horizontal cylindrical part, easily seen through the manway during filling. The gallonage stenciled on the end of the tank reflected filling to that level.

Tony Thompson

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