B&O N25B covered hoppers

Andy Carlson

Randy Anderson was visiting Florida and went to a local hobby store. On the store's counter was a box of Kodachromes. From what I saw these were mostly high quality Kodachromes. They were offered for $1 each, and by that time the locals had purchased all but the open hopper slides. I always wondered what the box cars could have been, for most of the slides were from about 1949. Too cool, and Richard Hendrickson comes to mind as someone who really could appreciate freight car slides of that era. I do know that hopper cars were low on his favorites list.
-Andy Carlson
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Your earlier post (2014) said that you thought the photo showed an N-13 covered hopper.

The "Randy Anderson" photo is from some photographer - dunno who - and the slides were
duplicated by Jim Gerstley (or his fellow slide dupers) and I have copies of all of them.
There were some real gems - all color shots from the late 1940's.

Tim O'

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I only have this one cropped from a larger image. Can't read the number so it may not be a N-25b. It appears to have the original brake arrangement.
The origins for the N-25 hoppers was the N-13 that had longitudinal hoppers dumping outside the rails.

The attached photo is from Randy Anderson's collection..

Bob Witt



Tim O'Connor
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