Re: Paint Damage from Bubble Wrap

Rod Miller

On 8/18/19 11:01 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:
Thicknessness and properties of the material vary. I'm still looking for a source
for the "soft" Tyvek material like the sheets packed with models from China. You can
write on Tyvek too, which mitigates the opacity problem.
Like Denny, I bought a package of the Reboxx model wrappers years ago - great stuff.
But it won't last much longer.
On 8/18/2019 1:49 PM, Benjamin Hom wrote:
Tim O'Connor wrote:
"And then there's TYVEK - lint free, pH neutral, tear resistant, water resistant,
won't mar or scratch or interact with paint. Only available in rolls from Uline
but a single roll is good for hundreds of freight car models."

There's a free supply of Tyvek at the Post Office in the form of the large Priority Mail and Express Mail envelopes.

Ben Hom
/*Tim O'Connor*/
/*Sterling, Massachusetts*/
The USPS has enough problems without modelers scooping
up all its Tyvek envelopes. You don't have to buy a full
roll of Tyvek. ebay sellers sell it by the foot. Another
option is to watch homes under construction. Here in CA
the exterior at some point gets wrapped in Tyvek - I'm
sure the builder would give you some.

Rod Miller
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