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In 1950 PRR had "only" 5623 G-22 gons plus another 258 in container service. For modeling purposes simply remove the containers and substitute a load of steel shapes or some sort of crated load. As has been said by others Pennsy's cars went everywhere. On 1-1-50 PRR owned a mere 208699 freight cars, nearly 10% of the entire US fleet. Tony Wagner

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Bruce mentioned that the containers in the PRR container car were "often used for cement" or "small batches of coke or lime".

From Scott Thompson's "Great Northern Equpment Color Pictorial, Book Two":

The GN used such containers (in gons) to haul ferro-chrome from Washington state to Detroit.

The GN also used them to haul ferro-silicon from Washington to "somewhere".  Considering that those GN cars were in a pool with Western Maryland container gons, one might expect the GN cars to show up way east.  And, of course, Western Maryland container gons in Washington.

I photographed one of the GN container gons in Oakland CA in 1976.  What its business was, I don't know.  Right next to the car was Judson Steel.  And right next to Judson Steel was a paint company, Sherwin-Williams, perhaps.  After 1960, of course.  But still getting around.


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