Re: Paint Damage from Bubble Wrap


When you send the package, they scan the bar code on the envelope or box to charge you. 

Brian Ehni 
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I have tried to buy the envelopes.  The clerk refused to take any money – “Naw, they’re free, man, jus’ take ‘em!”




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One SHOULD buy them. After all, the Post Office is supposed to be self-sustaining, and losses mean postal rate increases, even if not an offense. 


Brian Ehni 

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Free? only if you are using them to send something via Priority Mail or Express Mail. Otherwise you may be committing a Federal offense.


Jack Wyatt


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Tim O'Connor wrote:
"And then there's TYVEK - lint free, pH neutral, tear resistant, water resistant,
won't mar or scratch or interact with paint. Only available in rolls from Uline
but a single roll is good for hundreds of freight car models."


There's a free supply of Tyvek at the Post Office in the form of the large Priority Mail and Express Mail envelopes.



Ben Hom

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