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Hello Dennis,
many thanks for these truly great news! I wish the new owner immediate success with his new business, and I will emphasize that wish by an order of several items in a couple of weeks! :-)
Wonderful news!
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This is good news.

NorthWest Short Line Press Release
For Immediate Release

NorthWest Short Line is pleased to announce that the entire line has been acquired by an NWSL employee, effective September 3rd, 2019. All existing back orders will be filled, and NWSL will be open to new orders as soon as the new websites are rolled out; the primary website will carry forward as the primary contact point. The line is expected to carry forward largely unchanged although the company will no longer offer phone support. NWSL will be headquartered in Kila, Montana, located near Kalispell, and the new address is PO Box 219, Kila, MT 59920. Email contact is through the website.

Dennis Storzek

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