Re: MEK Substitute and current plastic cements

Donald B. Valentine

    OK folks, Bill Aldrich, whom as I mentioned has a doctorate Inorgamic Chemistry, kicked this cement business
around for about 45 minutes. For small plastic parts/pieces and such Bill uses ACC for almost everything. For other
things he uses acetone and keeps it in a bottle with a cork or rubber stopper to seal it tightly and not lose it from
evaporation. Pierre may not like this but Bill does NOT recommend MEK for plexiglass stating that it creates a weak
joint at best on all but very small pieces. He also uses ACC when joining sheet material and notes that cements
that actually dissolve sheet material to join them cause a warpage problem that may not show up for a year or more.
This is because even if the sheets being joined are of the same material all too often each sheet with cure at a different
rate. Since there is shrinkage involved in the curing a different rate in each sheet will cause warping. Thus he uses the
ACC for sheets as well as all small parts. He did note that MEK or trichloroethylene can be used but doesn't particularly
recommend them.

    Ambroid has been mentioned in several posts in this thread. Is it no longer available? Last I knew some ten years ago
a fellow in his mid-30's had purchased the line and moved it to Springfield, VT. I met him at some show or meet and he
was offering the standard old Ambroid cement in a tube and several new varieties in bottles. Is none of this available now?
Tenax has also been mentioned. In my experience it was never more than worthless. I was never able to join anything with
it and gave up with thje first bottle.

Hope this informaiton is helpful, Don Valentine

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