Re: what to do with all those leftover freight car trucks?

David Jobe, Sr.

AFAIK, ASF had no foundries in Chicago only the corporate office, at least
by1973 after this list. Side frames and bolsters would have come from East
St. Louis, Illinois until it was closed in 1959, Granite City, Illinois or
Alliance, Ohio. Springs most likely came from Hammond, Indiana which also
produced some forgings. Indiana Harbor, Indiana supplied smaller castings
like couplers. There were three or four other works including Sharon,
Pennsylvania, but I don't have my references readily available. Their
foundry mark was an octagon circumscribing the letter for the works.
Octagon E, G, A, H, I, etc.

The only "machining" I recall, for certain, was grinding of various parting
lines or vent risers.

Hope That Helps,

David Jobe, Sr.
Saint Ann, Missouri

ASF - Granite City Works 1973-1976
ASF - Hammond Works 1976-1977

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Bettendorf s/b Iowa in Quad Cities. ASF, Chicago.

BTW, we have maps of the H&B shops along with building drawings - and
the BoM can be figured from drawings (be a bit of time, but you can
do it). We have some (earlier) H&B BoMs and Drawing List, but not
later - although....depending on era, if it were actually *IN* the
P-S era, then looking at the contract and correspondence files would
reveal all of that - and perhaps the Maps (Ed may chime in there).

And...remember, after 1924, this was never a "Pullman Plant". The
plant was then a Pullman Car and Manufacturing Corp. (The Pullman Co.
was the operating subsidiary of Pullman Incorporated), then in 1934,
P-S was born, in 1947, The Pullman Co. was divested from Pullman Inc.
(and sold to a consortium of railroads) - in any case, after 1934
(for certain) there were *NO* "Pullman" freight cars.

At 03:53 PM 8/21/2019, Seth Lakin via Groups.Io wrote:
Now the question is where was ASF's and/or Bettendorf's foundry
where these loads originated? I'm modeling part of Pullman's
Michigan City plant and I'm trying to run down loads of parts into
Pullman, and how they were routed.

One if the loads of supplies I've tracked down is boxcar doors from
Youngstown Steel Door. They went west on the AC&Y to Delphos, Ohio
and to the NKP. From there it was to Tipton Indiana and north on
NKP's Indianapolis branch to Michigan City and interchange to the
Monon for final delivery to Pullman.

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN
Bob Webber

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