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Eric Lombard

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  Though I DID groan at the mention of Facebook,  however I like Chicago history and so looked at the link to the video which did open.

  Some Googling of the names on the warehouses and buildings gave the following data: 
The train appears to be on the Pennsylvania Railroad 

Opening - Building in background at 00:7 seconds is Cuneo Press,   lists this at 22nd and Clinton near the Chicago river, so that is about where the video starts    read comments on the link. 

At 31 seconds it looks like the photographer is between Cermak Road and the South Branch of the Chicago River. (21st Street?)  Google Maps lists this as PRR Bridge 463. 
Did you see the AT&SF Grand Canyon Line paint on the bridge?  As we cross the river that could be Canal street bridge opened. 

At 1:14 it appears that this is the CB&Q line from the west coming on. Note the two nicely ballasted tracks under the signal bridge.  How different it is today. 

At 1:28 into the video Crooks Warehouse, more here     and here    Read the comment on second photo down by Bryan Howell , however the overriding gist is that we are looking at the Zephyr pit area by this time into video. 
Crooks Warehouse Terminal was listed as 14th Place which would put it, just north of the Q & PRR lines merging. 
Wish more of the Q engine facilities were visible at about 1:32 to 1:40, looking above the cars finds some notable markers. 

The presence of Pennsy cars is found by this link when Googling Crooks Warehouse Chicago

Where the video ends?  Not sure if that is the fabled Roosevelt Road overpass at the end. 
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