Re: SEEKING PHOTO HELP (Terms For Freight Car Parts)

Tony Thompson

Bob Chaparro wrote:

I noticed two terms for freight car parts in Mr. Trandel's presentation are in conflict with terms I usually see used on this group.
The author used "roof walk" for "running board" and "stirrup step" for "sill step".
Which terms are preferred/correct?

     I agree with Bill Welch, who points out that the industry did have a standard set of definitions, set forth in each issue of the Car Builders' Cyclopedia. There you will find both "sill step" and "running board." 
      It is true, ass Bob Webber mentioned, that working railroaders had all sorts of terms in daily use that appear nowhere in the Cyc definitions. The same is true of modelers, who also have terms that we all understand, but are not "industry terms." These kinds of common use are fine, and as long as we understand what is meant by, say, "roof walk," no confusion results. But I do stand with Richard Hendrickson, who urged us all to learn and use the industry's own terms in the Cyc.

Tony Thompson

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