Re: Terms For Freight Car Parts

Tony Thompson

Mark Landgraf wrote:

Many freight manufacturers refer to the steps below the underframe line as Stirrups on their factory drawings. 
The Car Builders Dictionary defines that running board is a wooden board, applied to rolling stock, that men can walk on. The stirrup had ties the horse and saddle stirrups and was typically made of iron stock. 

         Mark misstates what is in the Cyc definitions. The term "stirrup" is included, but only for things like coupler carry irons, NOT applied to steps. The defined term "sill step" does exactly match what we are talking about.

Other examples might include:
Single sheathed vs outside braced boxcars
Turnout vs switch
Bettendorf ( a manufacturer) vs a truck style (made by many mfrs )
Or what we and the rr's call the vertical side posts on gondolas

 In each case, Mark, there IS an industry term. You, of course, can ignore them all if you wish, as may anyone.

Tony Thompson

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