(Terms For Freight Car Parts)

Bob Webber

Yes (thanks!)...I likely should have added an emoticon or whatever - I have known Tony (longer than he's known me...) and he wouldn't apply anything like that on purpose - and it was wrong of me to not indicate that much. (and I hope no one takes it that I laugh at someone ...I tend now to only laugh at the idiosyncratic mannerisms that I recognize in myself)

As for "proper" vs "preferred/correct" - there was a reason for doing so - the term is shorter and fit the subject...sorry for that confusion.

Many of the non-preferred/incorrect usages come from a conflation of function and "name". For instance - RPO - the term is about function - not type of car (which is mail or postal) - it is prop..er...correctly used when referring to the function of the car - specifically when clerks are working the car. People have since ascribed the function as the type of car. ("Well ..even the Federal Government calls them RPO!" - no ...they call the function RPO).

Stirrup, roof walk, - even outside braced all refer to the assumed functions of that part not the proper terminology for that part. People see a stirrup used to help climb into a saddle and then use the term to name a part that seemingly functions in the same (or similar) manner. Same with roof walk - not knowing the proper term, they name it after the function - literally walking on roofs. The real problem is that people tend to miss the true function of an object because they are programmed to see things that are similar and that is the reference point.

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Congratulations Bob Webber because if one can't laugh at themselves they have no right to laugh at anyone else!

My best, Don Valentine
Bob Webber

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