Re: Susquehanna 40’ boxcars c1940-48

John Sykes III

In January 1948 NYS&W had 49 - 36' IL boxcars.  The number series they were in was 1500 to 1563, so they probably had 64 or more cars originally.  My understanding was that Erie bought over 1,000 of these Canadian style boxcars and lettered some as NYS&W, which they had controlling interest in at the time.  Also in the January 1948 ORER there are none, 0, zip, nadda, 40 ft boxcars on the Suzy Q roster.  Interestingly 951 of the Erie cars (93000-93999) are listed as IL = 35'10" ???  Were these different cars or 36' IL cars modified in some way?  The true 36' IL cars are in two separate number groups in 1948 (60000-60005 and 86010-88016).  The Accurail car is numbered 87134 - i.e., out of the second group.  Their NYS&W 36' car is numbered 1567.  I guess that January 1948 ORER I bought came in handy after all.

-- John

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