Re: MEK Substitute and current plastic cements


My last employer sold solvent borne coatings.The most popular solvent was a mixture of toluene and MEK.
Toluene (pronounced toolean by navy men) is an industrial narcotic - it gets you high. It is also a terratogen meaning it causes damage to unborn fetuses.

There was some country in Europe (Italy?) which blamed toluene for some deaths.

MEK may be hard to find but you can get it from auto body painters.

Acetone was available in hardware stores but it evaporates very quickly.

Duco cement uses acetone as solvent; it is very fast to evaporate. I've learned to use it in place of Ambroid cement which is no longer available.

I've bought very low viscosity ACC cement from China on ebay. It's used to attach artificial finger nails. I deliver it using miniature plastic pipets about 1-1/2 long.

I put little dabs of these 2 adhesives on waxed paper.

One last comment  on the Duco. Acetone isn't such a good solvent for the polymer. As a result the somewhat thick (viscous) Duco contains a lot of solvent and not that much polymer (plastic/adhesive). A big blob shrinks down to a small piece of plastic.

I've found that Duco is a very good adhesive even though not much of it actually ends up on the part being glued so I don't see any extra glue by the joint being glued.

I put a blob of Duco on wax paper, run one part to be glued through it , quickly wipe off the excess and hold the 2 parts in place. Makes nice joints and is very quick to dry.

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