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In photo printing, the print is exposed, then goes into a developer, then to a fixer (which stops the development process), then a water wash for 4-5 minutes. If one wants the print to have a gloss, he uses glossy paper and dries the print face down on a high gloss heated drum. If it is matte finish, it still must be dried, preferably on a heated drum, to keep it flat. 

So, water should not hurt it, but care should be taken with the softened emulsion or you can rub it off of the paper backing. Drying it perfectly flat may be a greater issue.



J. Stephen Sandifer


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I like Jon's idea

Real photo paper is pretty water resistant. I would add a tiny drop of
ammonia to the Q tip + water to kill the bacteria. but i'd test it first.

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Check with an art museum or art dealer and ask about folks who clean and conserve old paintings,etc.

    If it costs too much you might try a Q tip and water or soap and water.

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