Re: Piedmont & Northern 1101 Styrene and Resin Build Part One

Schleigh Mike

Hello Group!

The P&N 1101 car is surely an intriguing car and Bill is doing a nice job on the model as his reported work already attests.

I have handy at the moment only my October 1958 ORER and these cars therein are listed as PN 1100-1124, 15 cars.  Helpfully, the "vacant" numbers are also listed.  These are the only cars listed for the P&N.  However, another note indicates, "Freight cars owned are not used in interchange service."  This being the case, it would seem likely that these 15 cars were for on-line LCL service and not ever found off-line unless for some other dedicated (return when empty to PN Ry.) service.  Is there any objective evidence that these cars did go off-line?  If not, does such reality quench interest in modeling such a car?  Obviously, this is not an issue with one modeling the P&N.  Of course, in an earlier time, perhaps these cars were out there roaming.  Is this known?

Regards from Grove City, Penna.    Mike Schleigh

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