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Greg Martin

You know everytime this subject comes up, and it does seem to be often (perhaps because I loathe it) I ask myself how does this improve/enhance my modeling?

I respect the use of the terms -- proper -- but when I am talking shop with the crew models terms see to mean and the use of the terms really don't improve the finished model. When I give a clinic I try to focus on the proper, likely because schools in.

Greg Martin

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Date: 8/24/19 11:52 PM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Terms For Freight Car Parts

Well, your dissertation on the word "proper" is all well and good.

But I never used the word "proper" nor did anyone else in this discussion to date. But I do get your point.

I already knew the Master Car Builders preferred running board(s). Maybe somebody else has an authoritative reference for roof walk. (Athearn doesn't count.)

Sill step vs. stirrup I wasn't so certain about and you appear to have a strong reference source.

Bob Chaparro

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Hey Boss,

Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

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