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Robert kirkham

Thanks Eric


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The straight underframe part is the same as the Fowler kit underframes. There are a few extra parts.

Overall the main underframe casting is the same for the three different 36-foot Accurail boxcar kits. The centersill, cross member, and brake hardware parts are what varies between the straight and fishbelly centersill versions. 


Eric Hansmann

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On August 31, 2019 at 12:10 PM Robert kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

Was looking at the Accurail site, and considering  ordering their 36’ floors and brake sprues to retrofit some non-Accurail Fowler cars I have.    I had some questions about the parts.  It isn’t entirely clear to me that the part #131 36’ straight underframe and detail set is the same part as used on their #1100 series Fowler cars.    The listings are at:


Has anyone ordered the parts and able to answer whether they are the same or explain the differences? 


Obviously, this is a project that will require some part modifications, so I’m not too fussy here.  Just trying to avoid ordering the wrong stuff.   


Rob Kirkham    



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