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Consider WP 50' flat cars 2351-2400 (PC&F, 1937) and identical 2401-2700 (AC&F, 1942). The slope started just outboard of the 3rd stake pocket, actually just about mid-way between the truck spring pack and the journal box, and sloped down to even with the 5th stake pocket. Being 50' cars, they had 16 pockets on each side: . Chad Boas offers a partial resin kit for these cars--underframe, sides and end sills cast in one piece, with a one-piece scribed wooden deck. You supply everything else.

I had one of the Con-Cor/Revell flat cars, and seem to remember the side sill was very deep, maybe because the the deck rode high, making the the narrow end parts of the side sill taller than they should have been. Model Power? Well, what else can I say . . . . it's Model Power.

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On 8/31/2019 2:29 PM, Richard Townsend via Groups.Io wrote:
Both the Revell/ConcorĀ (53'6") and Model Power (50') flat cars have sides where the slope down to the fishbelly begins at about the third stake pocket from the end and reaches full depth between the fourth and fifth stake pockets. Question: were there ANY prototype flat cars of ANY length that had sides like that? All I have seen have much shallower slopes to the full depth.

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