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Brian Carlson

Per Ed Hawkins handout on the Kadee site. You are good.  You could do 10 cars total :)

On Aug 31, 2019, at 11:36 PM, Bruce Griffin <bdg1210@...> wrote:


To close the loop on this thread, I ended up just buying a second Kadee ACF 11k insulated tank car with the same number as the first for the same bargain price of $30.  I assumed there was a SHPX 2571 roaming the rails with SHPX 2570. I don’t have access to all of my data so if anyone can confirm, it would be good to know, but I assume this to be true in 1950. I was able to easily remove the zero and replace it with a one. I will chronicle this in an upcoming blog. 

There were Mathieson plants shipping and recieving anhydrous ammonia at either end of my modeled section of the B&O Old Main Line, so these cars are appropriate for through freights in my 1950 era. Thank you for the insights.  

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Bruce Griffin
Ashland, MD 

PS for my PRR and NCR friends, I biked the RofW from Ashland 21 miles north to New Freedom and had lunch in the old station before heading home. 

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