Re: Flat car sides

Tim O'Connor

Mainline Modeler - 11/1997 pp.26-29 Greg Martin makes improvements to the model to
  represent the AAR 50 ton flatcar C&O #80694; with HO scale drawings

Mainline Modeler - 7/1992 pp.72-76 article has descriptions of improvements to the
  model to make it a better replica; with scale drawings

Mainline Modeler - 7/1991 pp.29-32 simple changes to underframe and new ends to
  model a
CB&Q FM-13 flatcar; with HO scale drawings

On 8/31/2019 9:09 PM, Bill Welch wrote:

Based on article I found in the hobby press—don't remember which magazine or date of—I used the Concor flat to create a very nice and I believe accurate, based on the article, a CB&Q flat car. The kit by that time was intended to be in TOFC service so I had to fill some holes in the deck. I installed new sill steps, grabs, etc.

Bill Welch 

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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