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Greg Martin


This article I authored was a way to use up the couple Revell/CON COR in my Jewells in the Junk Box.

Mainline Modeler - 11/1997 pp.26-29 Greg Martin makes improvements to the model to
  represent the AAR 50 ton flatcar C&O #80694; with HO scale drawings
(thanks Tim)

The finished car is not perfect but a very good stand in for the AAR 50 ton Flat and with the help of the late Richard Hendrickson I got through it. He reminded me of the resin version he had developed under West Rails. I picked a prototype with close  relative interchanges to my PRR modeling. Alas the Life Like car hit the market only months later and the Revell car was overshadowed; however the continuing ideas of these "Jewells from The Junk Box" grew, eventually evolving into SHAKE N TAKE.

I bring it often to Cocoa Beach to see who recognizes it for what it is. Regardless, it is a simple project that have some noteworthy techniques for modeling. I have the second left to do and I will, time permitting. I also have at least four Life Like cars to do as well. They'll all be a great mix for my Bowser PRR flats. They need work as well and are simple and inexpensive.

I'd love to know more about the Model Power and the Tyco (SP) cars, both stand ins, but fun projects.


Greg Martin

Why Yes I have done some modeling...

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I know they are sow's ears, but I like making silk purses and am hoping for a prototype.

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Somehow I got deleted from this group in late May. I guess someone didn't like me. Jail is a lonely place.

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