Re: Helped needed with reefer identification

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hello folks,

    I'm trying to assist an old friend who is not computer literate but is a serious New Haven modeler.
In the postwar period the New Haven had four Shoreline freights that left Boston every night at half hour
intervals beginning at 5:15 PM. These were known as The Four Horsemen, the second of which left at
5:45. Officially known as The Cannonball, operating personnel refered to it as The Fish because the
head end was always comprised of reefer loads of fish. My friend saw this train frequently but cannot
recall who owned the majority of these reefers. He specifically recalls that many of them had truss rods,
some being swaybacked, and all being very definitely yellow rather than orange. In one photo he took
during these years one appears to have had a circular herald on the end to the right of the door. Tony
Thompson has advised that they could not have been PFE for several reasons. I have suggested FGE
or WFE, with the latter having a smaller, circular GN goat herald than was used on boxcars. I've also
wondered about ART reefers but have trouble with truss rods in this periodon any of the three. These
fish loads were nearly exclusively headed for New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC
delivery. There is also the possibility that the reefers belonged to some smaller owner or lessor of such
cars but have no idea of who that might have been. Does anyone have any good knowledge of the make
up of this train and the equipment used? It should also be noted that there was a later train with similar
cars that was not one of The four Horsemen but was commonly called the Second Fish. Any help in
determining the actual car ownership would be greatly appreciated.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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