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Matthew Hurst

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Hello all,

Decided to thin the heard over the Labor Day weekend

I have several items for sale if anyone is interested... Please respond off list at

I have:

3 Alco products PRR P70 coaches & combines (partially built)

ECW SL observation Undec

BCW restaurant/ lounge (PRR prototype) kit

Walthers PRR diner kit

2) PRR T1s (BLI #5536 super detailed and a Key imports 5500 as built unpainted)

Oriental limited M1 tender painted

PSC B&O Q4b painted lettered #4474

Mantua 0-6-0

Kadee 2 bay offset hopper Cambria & Indiana #647

Red caboose SP G-50-23 GS gondola composite

Red caboose SP S-40-5 stock car 1952 scheme #73357

Intermountain ATSF Rr-32 reefer "Scout" straight line map #35607

Northeastern scale models Unicel box car (Partial built)

Walthers /train miniature stock car kit Undec wood ends

Atlas 11k tank car UTLX/anchorgas #94614

Funaro and Camerlengo C&O 70t triple rebuilt hopper kit

Roundhouse pfaudler milk car Carling brewing

Rapido GARX meat reefer kit Undec

Also I have some buildings I have no use for

4 City classics buildings (Grant st., Penn ave., Baum blvd., East Ohio st.)

Walthers the works Blast Furnace kit

Just contact me OFF LIST.


Matthew Hurst

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