Re: [MFCL] EJ&E Open Hopper?

Steve and Barb Hile

The best description might be Rebuilt hopper.
In the 1954 ORER, EJ&E had about 1700 hoppers with identical dimensions in the series 40000 - 41699.  With a little digging and some help from Ed Hawkins I can find that
40000 - 40199 were built by Mt Vernon in 1937
40200 - 40799 were built by ACF in 1940
40800 - 41099 were built by Pullman Standard in 1940
41100 - 41399 were built by GATC in 1940
41400 - 41699 were built by Ralston in 1940
A builder's photo of 41400 side and end appears at the following interesting web site
It would appear that all of these cars could have been built to the same basic offset side and heaped end design with the hopper door spacing being of the Enterprise design, but the sides had eleven posts making them not an ARA Standard design or its derivatives.
At some later time, probably in the 1960's, some fraction of these cars were rebuilt with the external post sides and ends with a reduced capacity of 2140 cu ft as opposed to the 2338 original.  In a 1972 ORER there were 787 cars in this series, some with 50 ton trucks and some with 55 ton trucks.
Further details are left as an exercise for those interested.
Steve Hile

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Subject: [MFCL] EJ&E Open Hopper?

Anyone have any idea what hopper this is? Who manufactured it or what its official name is?

I know it is not made in HO scale. Just curious on what to call it.


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