LifeLike 8000 gallon Tanks

Schuyler Larrabee

I should have asked this years ago. 


I have a couple of these which are lettered CONOCO.  I would very much like to remove the lettering, but I’d also like not to lose the silver paint on the tank, because the scheme I will finish the car with is silver as well, with the same parting lines between the silver and the black frame.


However, I have tried everything I know has been recommended for removing lettering, short of my air eraser, to remove the lettering.  Nothing seemed to touch the lettering – or the silver paint, for that matter.


I’m reluctant to simply paint over the lettering, as it has some relief from the tank itself, and I’m pretty sure it would easily be visible as a “painted that over, huh?’ model.  Not the desired result.





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