Re: LifeLike 8000 gallon Tanks

Tim O'Connor


Just a historical note - some of the original Front Range kits were painted with
"Accupaint" (actually Fred B showed the supplier to SMP) but the pad print lettering
was done with another paint or ink. When I stripped them in Accupaint thinner (not
harmful to the plastic) the paint dropped off immediately - leaving the lettering
intact! Only with further stripping (I think Scalecoat or Chameleon paint remover) did
the lettering come off.

On 9/5/2019 6:44 AM, Bill Welch wrote:
Schuyler, I don't see how you can remove the lettering w/o removing the underlying silver. As Tim suggests it is in kit form, remove the paint and repaint. I have had great result removing paint on L-L kits w/91% Isopropyl Alcohol  BTW there are several L-L unassembled tank cars on eBay if you do need a kit form.

Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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