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Bob Webber

CC&O, DL&W, LV, D&H, B&O, BR&P, P&R, NYC, ERR, NYNH&H & BLE are listed on the United States Standard lettering diagram for 55-ton hopper cars dated Oct. 1919 - stenciling drawings and details are also available. For this and Gons, Boxes, Cabooses (composite and steel, etc. Brake drawings, (including one for the 100-ton gon) Ventilated Box, Auto Car - so if The Boys so chose, they can get the information.

At 03:59 PM 9/5/2019, Bill Welch wrote:

A few years ago the Boys at the Clearwater Car Shops built a few of the Tichy USRA 2-bay hoppers for their favorite railroads. Some purest don’t like this kit because the two middle panels are wider than the other panels (legend has it that this was a compromise to related to getting enough room for the trucks). No matter, the Boys love this kit, as it requires only a few additional details to make it appropriate for the various railroads the boys work for. The L&N and Clinchfield owned the USRA cars while the L&N, NC&StL, and Tennessee Central owned copies—in the case of the L&N they owned thousands of copies.

The Boys built this model as a NC&StL car but they never got around to giving it a coat of Oxide Red paint. Recently the Boys got very excited when they discovered a photo of one of these cars stenciled for the Tennessee Central since up close photos of these cars in TC stenciling have proved to been very elusive. The rare photo revealed that the TC and NC&StL cars are identical down to their use of Two-Level Dalman trucks. The gears starting turning and they were able to persuade a friend to do a set of decals. So the Boys are now planning to paint this car black. Before they do so they suggested I share few photos so people can what they details they added.

On the sides they added Route Card Holders on the right end on the sill plus the carved styrene from the Bolsters to thin them. The Boys did their usual manipulating to A-Line Type “A� brass sill steps to duplicate those used on the prototype. On the right side they added the Airline Pipe, Pipe Brackets, and Pipe Union.

On the ends 0.005 styrene was used to create the Mounting Bracket for the Reservoir and Bracket for the Brake Staff. An A-Line Sill Step serves as a bracket at the bottom of the Brake Shaft while a Tichy nut/bolt/washer (NBW) serves to hold the brake wheel tight on the brake shaft. For some reason the ends are devoid of NBW detail so I added Detail Associates parts above where the end grab irons are installed. In looking the photos I see I still need to add a few NBW’s for the short and long left side grabs and for the long grab on the right side of each end. The model will ride on the beautiful Tahoe Dalman trucks.

Bill Welch

* <>_1 Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper right side detail additions.JPG
* <>_2 Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper Airline details.JPG
* <>_3 Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper Sill Step.JPG
* <>_4 Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper _B_ end details.JPG
* <>_5Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper Air Reservoir bracket.JPG
* <>_6 Tichy USRA 2-bay hopper brake shaft, brake wheel _ retainer valve details.JPG
Bob Webber

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