Re: [MFCL] ART #200 - #299 36 ft. reefer

Donald B. Valentine

Hello Ed,

    I want to thank you not only for the full information on this ART car, which I had somehow looked right by in my 1931 CarBuilders, but more for the
generosity you have continually provided to those of us with an interest in older rolling stock. From my own research on some subjects I can imagine
the hours u have invested in collecting what you have. I see it as an investment, a great investment in time and effort, which has been such a
precious resource for all of us with whom you have shared it. So thank you once again.

   I do not know where this will lead but am still trying to determine what the cars were that Bill Aldrich remembers so well from his high school days at
the end of WW II when he and his father, a New Haven executive, would often go to a nearby New Haven station to watch at least two of The Four Horseman
roll by in the early evening, the second of which always always had a number of yellow sided reefers with truss rods that were loaded with freshly caught
fish for the markets of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington. Bill will be 90 in two weeks and is hopeful that someone will recall whose cars
the were so he can model them correctly. He has been a good friend for many years so I'm doing what I can to assist as he has nothing to do with

My best to all, Don Valentine

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