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Allan Smith

Oregon Short Line 36' Stock Cars

I have a file  Diagrams Union Pacific Freight Cars 1926 Oregon Short Line Folio 1500 That has diagrams of the S-30 36' OSL stock Cars. I got it off the internet But can't now access it. If anyone can find that file, it will give you the drawings for the cars you requested.

Al Smith
Sonora CA

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CB&Q SM16 stock cars were 36’ and lasted well into the BN era (not renumbered AFAIK) and even past the movement of livestock being used to carry ties.   I don’t have the stats to back this up but as I recall they were more prevalent on the East End (aka racetrack)  than the 40’ Q stock cars and certainly the stretched Mathers.

Charlie Vlk


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>>Seeking any images or confirmation that 36 ‘ stock cars existed in the 1930/40 time period 

>>Brad Andonian 

Just crack open a few ORERS, and you'll have all the evidence you'll ever need.

12/1930 ORER:

OSL - 2887

OWR&N - 544

LA&SL - 191

UP - 2733

(100% of the stock car fleet were under 40' long)


1/1945 ORER:

OSL - 2034 (and 370 40-foot)

OWR&N - 464

LA&SL - 142

UP - 2287 (and 556 40-foot)

(84% of the stock fleet were short cars)


1/1955 ORER:

OSL 6 (and 334 40-foot)

OWR&N - 1

UP - 929 (and 2069 40-foot)

(28% of the stock fleet were short cars)


1/1959 ORER:

UP - 840 (and 2683 40-foot)

(24% of the stock car fleet were short cars)



Ray Breyer

Elgin, IL

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