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Douglas Harding

Garth you are correct. Many livestock handling facilities were originally set for 36’ cars. But as they were built of wood, which deteriorates when exposed to corrosive elements like urine, pens and chutes were repaired and even rebuilt, and 40 cars could be accommodated. Every road I cited did have 40’ cars, especially as they moved to all steel cars. The CB&Q also had 50’ Mather stockcars after the time of this list. The UP had 60’ cars. And then there was NP’s 86’ pig palace cars.


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It occurs to me that a preference and survival factor for 36' or 37' foot stock cars might have been to fit existing multiple loading/unloading chutes at major stock yards, packing plants, or railroad-owned rest stations. Rebuilding chutes and pens to fit 40' cars would have been an expense both railroads and customers would have wanted to avoid, particularly in the face of increasing truck competition by the 1950s. After WWII, new or modernized plants might have been designed with 40' cars in mind.
Of course some roads had both 37' and 40' cars, and some even longer by the 1950s (B&O, PRR and NKP come to mind). Length may have depended greatly on customer needs, including the type of livestock shipped. The WP dealt with a lot of pig shipments on a fixed route, and double-deck 37' cars worked fine, yet they also had both 37' and 40' single-deck cars chiefly for cattle. It was the 37' double-deck pig cars that lasted the longest. The D&RGW rebuilt 36' boxcars into stock cars up into the war years, but their new/rebuilt post-war cars were 40'. The majority of both lengths were double-decked to carry sheep (especially) or calves, though some classes had lower decks with enough head room for full-grown cows.

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Brad certain roads preferred 36’ cars up to the end of livestock movements. Attached is a spreadsheet I created some time back that shows stockcars for the CNW, CGW, Omaha, & M&StL showing the years 1941, 1943, 1953 and 1960. It includes their length. Noticed the dominance of 36’ cars for the CNW and Omaha roads. I think you will see similar preference for 36’ cars on the CB&Q and MILW. As suggested an ORER will quickly show the information you seek. I’m not at home, so not able to access the copies I have.


Attached are a few photos.


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Seeking any images or confirmation that 36 ‘ stock cars existed in the 1930/40 time period 


Many thanks

Brad Andonian 


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