Re: Oregon short line stock cars


For a short time, the UPHS offered a kit for the S-40-6, which I assumed when I ordered them were 40' cars.  In fact, they were 36', and the kit is an interesting mix of Red Caboose parts from the SP stock car kit they made plus, apparently, some new tooling.  I appealed on this list for a photo, got one, for which I'm grateful, and built the cars.  It's a bit fussy construction with all those grab irons, but turned out well.

I paint the inside surfaces of stock car kits, if not already painted, with Scalecoat Tie Brown color (in the rattle can).  I was concerned with there not being enough room for weight, so I added some lead sheet under the upper deck since there was already a lip around the edge of the molding.  That plus some underbody weight in the centersill made the cars quite well within the proper weight range (as I recall, at least 4 oz.).

Ron Merrick

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