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William Hirt

To close the circle, here is a roster of CB&Q 40' Stock Cars:

52000-52149 SM. 40' 6" Stock Car. Class SM-19. Built 1937-38 at CB&Q Galesburg. Series #52000-52149. Photo in CB&Q Color Guide on p73.
52500-52699 SM. 40' 6" Stock Car. Class SM-19A. Built 1944-45 by CB&Q Havelock. Steel Roofs. Series #52500-52699. 46 cars in series equipped with double decks and AAR Classified SF. Photos in CB&Q Color Guide on p73. 
52700-53199 SM. 40' 6" Stock Car. Class SM-19B. Built 1949 by CB&Q Havelock. Steel Roofs and Ends. Series #52700-53199. 54 cars in series equipped with double decks and AAR Classified SF. Photos in CB&Q Color Guide on p74. 

By the late 1950's the CB&Q was already moving on a regular basis Illinois hogs to Tobin Packing in Albany and Rochester NY on the NYC. I have a copy of a presentation Steve Holding did at the Burlington Historical Society meet a few years ago that also showed D&RGW and UP cars being used on the Q for loading hogs in this service.

In 2007, Russ Strodtz posted some switch lists of CB&Q connection cars to the IHB at Congress Park IL. Doug Harding was part of this discussion on the Railway Bull Shippers list. Here are the ones with Hogs:

July 25, 1959
LW68  503-502-514-506  [SD24's]  I/C  01:00 a.m. [Lincoln West]
CB&Q     56752  Hogs      NYC

62  130-166-126  [F3 AB-F7 B-F3 BA] I/C 05:10 a.m. [A Denver train]
    SLSX    71167   Hogs            NYC
    SLSX    71427   Hogs            NYC

82   114AB-135BA  [FT AB-F3 BA]  I/C  11:50 a.m. [A Dayton's Bluff train]
    [Most of setout from South St Paul]
    CB&Q    52508   Hogs       MC
    CB&Q    52138   Hogs       MC
    CB&Q    52771   Hogs       MC
    CB&Q    52716   Hogs       MC

1stLC   116DC-120CD  [F3 ABBA]  I/C  12:20 p.m. [A Omaha train but this consist looks like only Kansas City and St Joseph traffic which would have come into Galesburg on #70]
    CB&Q  56415    Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q  58711    Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q  56635    Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q   56619   Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q   59421   Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q   58708   Hogs       NYC
    CB&Q   58626   Hogs       NYC

Extra East 154ABC [F2A-FTBA] I/C  08:10 p.m.
    CB&Q 56752   Hogs           Not shown, probably NYC

As Russ wrote, that's all.

Lots of Q 36' stock cars moving hogs just on this one day.

Bill Hirt

On 9/7/2019 9:39 AM, Donald B. Valentine via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Doug,

     The CB&Q stock car with the double decked load of sheep is a cocoker given the full height IC car behind it and a
similar car to the right. Such photos really illustrate the diminutive size of such cars. Thanks for posting it.

Cordially, Don Valentine


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