Re: Brazelton 80+ Sensitive Drill Press and X-Y Table (for sale)

C J Wyatt

Oops! I should have hit "reply to sender". 


Of course, one usually can extract the email address for the sender from the post.

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I appreciate that info Ralph. I'll keep that in mind in future posts.


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Just so you know, “Reply to Sender” does not work for all systems, including mine.  Providing your email address in some form, “rbrown51[at]maine[dot]rr[dot]com” for example, works for all.
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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Brazelton 80+ Sensitive Drill Press and X-Y Table (for sale)
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I can sell them together or separately. The drill press is the model with a tilt head so that it can drill at an angle. It is missing the Albrecht keyless chuck and needs a couple of minor repairs, such as soldering a motor lead wire and the Z-axis take-up spindle is bent. It still works but the knob wobbles as you turn it.

With the right chuck, you can use drills smaller than #80.

The X-Y table was made by Al Brazelton to fit his drill press.

Jack Wyatt

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